Sunday, 16 December 2007

Birthday Picture (PART 2)

We had a small celebration for Josiah birthday on 16th Dec in church. However, Josiah appear to be very frizzy and cranky because he had a very late sleep the day before. He is not too cooperative in posing for picture either.

Anyway, I think we do need to buy another lithium battery for our SLR camera because it's now only taking about an hour before it run out of power *sigh*. So these are the only picture we "managed" to take. No picture of yusdi because he is the one who is TAKING the picture!!!

And with this, we wanted to give thanks to the Lord for trusting little Josiah on our care. It's been a fun yet though first year for a first time parent like us. Yet God grace make it possible for both of us to pull through. When there is no relatives or friend to help you, He is indeed faithful and He is always there.

Both me and Yusdi have to say that we are so afraid we couldn't afford or couldn't managed to raise Josiah, but God prove that "impossible" is none on His dictionary. He gave me the nicest colleague, flexible working hour, a kind boss, a very helpful HR manager, He gave Yusdi loads of job offer and on the top of that He still spare us by giving Yusdi not one... but two scholarship. How KIND is that?

And another praise is Josiah was harldy sick at all, he is such a healthy and active baby. (You will find it quite amazing that I NEVER sterilise any of his "equipment", neither boil his water/milk). And I must admit he is pretty independent too (may be too independent). He hardly cries when I left him at the minder's house, he is very outgoing with his peers and elder kids, and he can eat almost anything now despite of having only 4 teeth!!!

It's always been our hope that he'll one day accepted the gift of salvation and make himself available to be used by God for His Glory. It's not easy to become a parent in today's society when everything, even other people who labelled themseves as Christian is not showing a Godly, Biblical standard. Our hope for Josiah is that he will grow to be a truth-loving man, a fundamentalist who willing to sacrifice anything for his faith. Happy Birthday Precious, may God gave us strength and wisdom to raise you into a Godly generation.

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