Sunday, 16 December 2007

Birthday Picture (PART 1)

Well, I must admit that I had got no time to edit all these picture properly. But so be it. We had a carol service today, and we are fairly busy! Thanks God for sending Hendy over from Nottingham to Northampton, he played the piano really well and therefore helped us a lot (one less problem to think about). Anyway, I let the picture do the talking now. Here is some random picture we took today!

Josiah is really anthusiast about his birthday. At first I hardly thought he would understand that today is his special day. But guess what. He knows, and he behave as if he is a king today. He didn't stop monking about until 9.30pm!!! what a little man.

Unfortunately (or rather fortunately) we don't have any candle with us. But still Josiah and his dad pretends to blow the candle. Scroll down to the bottom most to see the snap.

I know you must be wondering. "But we hardly see the cake at all". Oh well... we were too afraid to put the cake nearby him because 99.99% likely that he put his hand on the cake in no time. But therefore, our 300D SLR camera is rather stupid to take "all look sharp" kind of picture. It will make certain thing the centre of the attention and off-focus the rest. Oh... whatever.

Stay tune for more tommorow.

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