Sunday, 30 December 2007

A day out in Oxford

An excellent day of on the 30th December in Oxford. Though this is not Josiah's first conquest in Oxford, he is extremely excited entering various old buildings. However this is his first time in most of the Museum in Oxford.

This is a painting and painting's tag we took at Ashmolean Museum, I thought it's quite interesting idea of a paint.

Josiah at Natural History Museum

Yusdi's attempt to take the dino home for Josiah

A very badly taken pics of Josiah and Yusdi inside the museum (let me confess that I took this picture!)

Posing at St. Mary The Virgin

Cute Josiah in his woollen hat

Can't resist to take another snap

It was a fun day with Alice and Zonny with us, unfortunately we only took a few picture with our camera (most of it taken with their camera). Stay tune for more!

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