Tuesday, 18 December 2007


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Last weekend it's been our pleasure to have Hendy, my ex-high school friend in SMUK III to come and spend a weekend with us. Even though we mainly hang around in mall (in Milton Keynes, as you can see in the pictures, it was like a pools of human) and church (you can see it on sis tammy blog), but it was indeed a great fellowship time. (I must admit I am stupid enough not bringing my own camera, but thankfully Hendy did bring his!!! yeay!) It's always been great to have another born again christian visiting or staying over. (The first was agustina I believe, too bad I hadn't start blogging yet that time).

I had not been very close to him last time in school. Put it this way, he is not one of my closest friend (I don't even know where he lives in Jakarta!). But it's a pleasant coincidence that he able to come to UK even to Northants and visit my family. It was a good time to know each other better as well as catching up with "latest affair" among our fellow SMUK III alumni (you know what I mean). But I don't know whether he felt the same way as me, because Josiah presistently pestering him, even try to grab some leg's hair. *Sigh*

And I guess sis tammy is right when she pointed out that God has sent him away from Indonesia to be able to play the piano for our church choir! Isn't that amazing. Anyway, needless to say that he is VERY competent pianist.

Well, next weekend, he'll be heading home to Jakarta. We'll hope that he had a save journey back home. And hopefully, next time he'll able to stay a little bit longer. (Well, may be not in the winter, this poor guy has to wear layers of clothes and looking with envious eyes towards a blonde girl with only mini skirt + black hose).

Hendy, it's been nice having you (I am sure pastor Tooley won't mind you come again and play for us!!!)

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