Saturday, 15 December 2007

Happy Birthday Precious

Yes, today our precious turns ONE year old. He is officially graduated from 'BABY' to 'TODDLER'.

some of our favorite snaps of Josiah

Interesting enough, we had NO plan yet on celebrating his birthday. Compared to many of our peers, this is a little bit of a tragedy as normally the FIRST birthday (of the FIRST child) normally celebrated exceedingly. Instead, as his birthday present I'll create A BLOG for him. (It's true, this blog dedicated for my son hahaha...!!!). I could imagine it's going like this :

Mommy : Guess what I have for you for your birthday?
Josiah : Aaa... agd...agd...uu... (what is it, tell me mom...!)
Mommy : I've decided to give you.... a BLOG!!
Josiah : eee.... (what?! is it a kind of rusks? toys? or dummy?)
Mommy : Nope, not all of the above, but trust me it will makes grannies and grandads even more crazy about you.
Daddy : I think you mom has grown completely insane!

Oh well, we decide not to celebrate it the normal way or making to much "hoo-haa" about it simply because we don't really have many friends here (not to mention about family or relatives). And I thought it's a bit (actually I would like to change that 'a bit' to 'very much indeed') doesn't make sense if a toddler birthday is predominantly attended by aunties and uncles rather than other toddlers??!! That would be my party and not his then.

So, we might buy a birthday cake to celebrate his birthday with the church's folks and the next day I promised his childminder that I would bring one so that he can celebrate with his 'minding' friends.

In the same time, I would like to pat myself (and my husband) on the back that we just accomplish one major milestone in our life.It's definitely has been a tough, challenging, yet interesting year for us to have our precious aboard in our life.

I recall that Josiah is born on one of the best hospital in UK, even though we are not living close to that area anymore. (FYI in UK the county will assigned you which hospital you should go for your checkup and delivery)Yusdi mentioned in one of the church sharing time, that it was on God's plan that Josiah born in John Radcliff Hospital, Oxford, should he born in Northampton General Hospital (which is just 2 mile away from my house now) we woulb never know whether he'll survive the ordeal.
My labour was long and difficult, it was 16 hours and Josiah's cord was roped around his neck 3 times, he came out blue purple because of lack of oxygen!!!Fortunantely the team of doctor, the ob, the gynae, the nenonatologist, were really good! Josiah went home with us 5 days later.

Another thing that I remember is when I spoke to my singaporean friend. When I asked her, when would she have kids (she is much older than me) her simple reply is "oh, not now". It seems to be very common in singapore/UK that people wait... and wait... and wait... to have kids.

The classic answer will be "we wait until we can afford it". It's back to money issue. I have to say I 30% agree with the statement.

Why 30%? because money is an important element when it comes to child rearing, but is not the necessary. It is true that me and my husband think about money, just to be responsible and ask ourselves whether we are commited to do this and will work as a team to provide for our new family. But I completely disagree if your waiting is because you are afraid to "lose" your lifestyle and spending habits. Some people wait until they are think they have enough before thinking about kids. Some people wait until they have an apartement/HDB... steady job... car... and the list go on. I have nothing to say if that person is non-Christian, so be it. But as a Christian, you should value your family first before career or money.

When we had Josiah, I hardly know whether me and my husband will be able to afford raising him. But hey, if you are a Christian, you know the word 'faith' means.I've learn that actually, a baby doesn't (that means DOES NOT) need money as much as we thought they will. They need your love and attention. Simple.

Random pictures for pregnancy until 4 month!

Josiah, never sleep on a cot (he like to sleep on the floor on the top of duvet cover), didn't have proper bath tub (until quite a while), his car seat and toys mostly come from charity shop,and I hardly buy him any formula milk until he reaches 10 month.This proof that sometimes we are just too PARANOID even to start with it. We think too far ahead, like what about he is sick?... or how about his education? I say, a little step at a time. We pray a lot about it, and I guess God won't give you something BEYOND your capacity to cope up.

After Josiah came around, then Yusdi start to get a steady part time job (which if he do it fulltime, he earns more than twice of my salary!!! (and believe it or not some employer actually LOOKING for him rather than he looks out for them) and I thought, what a blessing!!And his supervisor in Oxford university seems to be a very understanding man. He helped Yusdi a lot with his project, and allow him to do 4 days at school instead of 5.

Later on, I found a very nice, cheap, and loving childminder too for Josiah, and it came to my surprise that her house only about 500 yards from my office. And out of dozen of childcare voucher that exist in UK, she happen to have exactly the one that my company had!!! (yeay, tax free.)

Every piece of the puzzle falls to it place nicely, that is when we trust and obey, because there is no otherway to be happy in Jesus. But to trust and obey!

p.s: Stay tune for Josiah's birthday pictures and video!!!

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