Sunday, 12 April 2009

It's NOT Fair..!!!

My kids are at the age where they are always saying "it's not fair" when things don't go their way. I always respond, "Life isn't fair."

Last week I found myself thinking "it's not fair." My 76-year-old father was diagnosed with a debilitating, degenerative disease for which there is no cure. It always ends in death, after a few years of suffering.
It just doesn't seem fair.

He faithfully pastored churches for almost 50 years. During his life he has turned down some very lucrative alternatives in order to live in poverty serving other people. And now, after all those years of sacrifice and service, he gets this diagnosis.

No, it's not fair.

And when I stopped to think about it, I realized that not much in life is fair. After all, was it "fair" that the perfect Son of God was tortured, beaten, and killed because of things I had done? Was it "fair" that He who had done no wrong suffered so much for those of us who more often than not take for granted His great sacrifice? Is it "fair" that we who have sinned get to go to Heaven based on something that someone else did for us?

I'm really glad life is not fair.

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE, remember.... give thanks to God, for life is not fair!


I would like to rededicate this to my friend Ellena (I know you have read this post, but bear with me just to repeat it again). I read many of her entries, and at times I can be quite tearful altough I might not understand fully what she had gone through, but it's must be quite an ordeal. When I read the stories above (I got it from Baptist1000 mailing list) I must admit that straight away I remember of her.

It's true that life is not fair to cause a sweet lady like her such a heartache. But remember, because life is not fair, it has caused a righteous man like Jesus to die for someone else's sins. That is for you and I. Hope this can give us encouragement no matter how painful your situation is. Afterall, life is not fair.


sharilyn said...

no, life is not fair. but God is good...all the time. i'm so glad we have Him to make it all worthwhile!

Char said...

a beautiful posting

Cath J said...

Yes.. No matter how 'unfair' feelings we have.. that will never ever compare with HIS sacrifice to us. I will never let the unfair feelings hunt me anymore, because HE gave me a double 2nd chance life. 1st I was saved from a painful illness and 2nd I have been SAVED by HIS love. ;-)

J.H said...

hi everyone, I would like to wish everyone a blessed easter. Btw, this post is taken from baptist 1000 mailing list... so I am not talking about my dad, sorry for the confusion!

Stardust said...

Life is never fair, but I'm glad that we still have God with us as our Helper. Thank you for this reminder of what priviledged lives we have despite the fact that we're living in the unfair world.

Love your recent pictures, beautiful as always... =)