Monday, 31 December 2007

Looking back on 2007

I've realise someone is putting on the link to this article on hardwarezone. Wondering why the link was saying something like "interesting blog about people who migrate from Singapore" as I am not mentioning about migrating at all at this entry. But you can certainly find a lot of traveling information, tax, and UK visa on my other blog entry. However I did pursue other interest like wedding photography, photoshop (a rather different style from XiaXue) art and design interior. Simply type,!

Finally, today is the last day of 2007. Before putting up this entry, I was thinking about how to summarise my year in 2007. It was an exciting year for both me and Yusdi as we had welcome ourselves on board as parents of little precious Josiah.
From two

To three!

Life would ever be the same when you have kids, as many sayings. And I reflect upon myself on how true it was. Suddenly everything that takes priority before may not mean anything now. I have to work around all of my schedule to fit his needs of love and attention. Me and Yusdi clearly recall all the night feeding, sleepless night when he refuses to sleep, all the distraction, all the financial headache. But needless to say that we praise God for giving us strength and wisdom to make it until the end of 2007! He had make all thing possible.

Not to mention that loads of things around us changed too. Some of my friend changing status from single to married, some had joined the parenthood club, those are a great happy memories of 2007. But 2007 does had it sad cloudy days. When I read my email and learned two (not one) of my friend had divorced. Another time is when I heard a friend, a faithful christian woman, decided to wed a non believers. And some other time is to see how God's people sometimes make a wrong decision and forsake a servant of God. But let's face it. Human do make mistake. But both me and Yusdi does learn a lot of lesson from all these mistakes. Thanks be to God to put trial and test along 2007 to teach us to TRUST him more.

We praise God who has lead us to meet such a great local, independent and fundamental church in Kettering. Pastor Roger Tooley and his family is such a dear friend to us now. It's been a great pleasure to know brother Rob and sister Jeweel, they are such an encouragement for us.

Yusdi's PhD has run smoothly as well, he had a great result by the end of this year, which is a pleasant surprise. Praise God for giving him such a helpful and understanding supervisor. We had a great time with many Christian brethren too this year. Agustina and Hendy were able to visit me while they are on business trip. Alice and Zonny arrived in UK 2 month ago, we had a great time of fellowship and chat all day about baby and breastfeeding.

And my quest on the net has been quite fruitful, I did found another "surviving" Christian like Ellena, and SingleMomForGod. Some people have labelled me of being fanatics towards my religion. But hey, you can't make Jesus who gave His life for us, just a side track whenever it's convenient. He ought to be the centre of your life and your mind. We owe our life to Him, and without Him we are nothing. I strongly believe being a Christian is not a part time job, and not only once a week duty or as much we are in church. I don't mind being fanatics if that's mean I am putting my God above my other priority. I had not rather being lukewarm and spat out by God at the end of the day.

And lastly, I wanted to mention, that today is a special day, not only it's the last day of the year, but because today, 23 years ago, God had given me a present of sisterhood. Although she is on the other end of the world, and we hardly meet at all, but thankfully I can rest assured one day in heaven we shall meet again. Happy Birthday to you sis..!! God bless!!

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