Saturday, 29 December 2007

My Parents Prayed

Dedicated to Zonny and Alice, and "son to be"(dunno the name yet unfortunately). It would be a new challenge to raise a Godly generation in this secular world, but remember one thing that will make a lot of difference.
A Parent's prayer!


While I grew up from babe to youth,
Before I knew to be afraid,
God placed a hedge around me
Because my parents prayed.

When I got a little older,
And sinful footsteps strayed,
I turned from all their teachings,
But still my parents prayed.

As my life went from bad to worse,
What an awful price I paid!
Sometimes it seemed so hopeless,
But still my parents prayed.

Then the Holy Spirit filled me,
And God's prompting I obeyed;
I repented of my sins
Because my parents prayed.

Christ Jesus came to my life,
Where ever since He's stayed;
Who knows where I might be today,
If my parents hadn't prayed?

So lift your children to the Lord,
And like me, they'll be swayed;
They, too, will be so thankful,
Because their parents prayed!

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