Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Before and after slimming teraphy

I was looking at Josiah's stack of picture on my computer last night, and just realise how much he had gone down (slim down) in this recent month. I mean look at these!! I think he can well be a model advert on slimming products!

Still can't control his eyes properly.

Nothing much he can do rather than lying about and suck his toe. I can't understand why last time he looks like has more hair than he is now?!

As you can witness here, LESS hair MORE fat! I just don't understand.

Look at those chubby cheek!! They are nearly fell off the ground!! I think this is the point where he's reaching to the peak of chubbiness. He had never grow fatter since.

And these was after he able to sit by himself (Well, as you can see, that is my attempt to shave him bald)

This is taken in Warwick Castle, he looks unimpressed for some reason.

This was how he look like at 11 month!!

You think you'll ask Josiah what kind of slimming pills he used?

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