Friday, 18 January 2008

Cupcakes for wedding

People has different opinion when it comes to wedding cake. Some prefer a sky-high elaborate wedding cake, some prefer simple 3 tier wedding cake, some even think no wedding cake at all. But if you are thinking of doing something different? There always be an alternative.
Use cupcakes instead of wedding cake, it's easier to distribute... and perhaps more personal (and might be cheaper too).
Here is some design ideas.
photos are from Le Cupcake (I think she is the one who made these lovely cupcakes too)

Wondering whether I can order some for my boy's birthday this year!!!

This entry dedicated to Agustina (so I heard she is going to use cupcakes instead of wedding cake).

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Anonymous said...

Jeje, muakasiiiiyyyy.. hehehe.. looking for those like le cupcake in singapore though.. found 1, carnival&co.. hmm.. thinking of setting the deal with them soon, tee hee.. :p