Thursday, 31 January 2008

Goodbye Cambridge

I wish my former company GG the very best, and to all of my fellow colleague in GG (especially my team mates) I will miss you all dearly. I really enjoy my 2 years stay with you folks. Apologise if there is any mistake that I made during my stay (Not to mention how many bugs I introduce). Even though I can't say a proper goodbye, but at least I attempted to. Thanks for reading my blog anyway... and keep in touch!!

Today, is my last day in GG, the employer that I've worked for this past 2 years. 2 weeks ago, my job (it's not me... it's my job!) had been made redundant. So, today, I am officially UNEMPLOYED.
I've not been blogging about the fact that my job had been made redudant, because I am afraid that it will cause some of my family member too much anxiety. Even when I told them that the company has paid me enough funds to last for couple of months. I mean, let's face it... I am the main breadwinner in the family has gone jobless.

Funny enough that I wasn't too sad about the fact. I understood clearly that GG need to cut cost and therefore loads of embedded job probably going to move to India, even when my team lead doesn't seems to be very anthusiast with the decision. Again, it's nothing personal... therefore I hold no feeling against the decision. Moreover, it's no one fault.
Sadly, I am not the only one... there are a bunch of other colleague of mine that end up on the same fate. I do hope in my heart that they will be able to find another job soon.

It does feel a bit strange, I don't have to drive the 44 miles one way journey anymore. And perhaps, Josiah is the one who rejoice the most. He doesn't have to be bored to death sitting on his car seat listening to my "forgotten" nursery rhymes for an hour or so.

From the day our boss make the annoucement, I was a little bit scared to know what's tommorow holds for me and my family. What if I can't find a job when the redudancy pay is all spent? What would I do if I can't find another job close to home? (Cambridge has been very famous for embedded job, Oxford even not a match to it). But quickly, I was comforted of the thought..."God is faithful". And today I want to reflect how true is that.

Today, I just sat for my first interview, with a company that making digital TV and setup boxes. I am quite a mountain tortoise on this field, nonetheless I prepare and do my best. I wasn't too worry about the interview, not even feel nervous. Which quite a strange thing as well, knowing that I am not all confident on the area. A day before the interview, I did ask my church's folks to pray for me, and I guess God really gives me wisdom, even to the point I am being offered the job an hour later!

So here I am, standing in amaze of God great plan. He purposely make Josiah's childminder gave up her childminding job, and then make me redundant, because He had a BETTER plan. He gave me a job that is only 20 minutes travel, better pay, less work hour and best of all I won't be seeing PRINTER for a while! And Josiah's childminder is only a mile away from home (not to mention that she charge better rates too!!). Everything has fall into it's place nicely, not my luck as I don't believe in luck, it's called "God provision".

If you out there reading my blog, and think religion is only for the foolish. I don't mind being foolish if that's mean someone more powerful than me will takecare of my needs, and all I have to do is TRUST and OBEY. My life is a proof of God's grace, the choice is open for you too... you can accept Jesus as your personal savior. And live a life like me, trusting things whatever befall... trusting Jesus, that is all.

Now, I can go for my holiday in states with a peace of mind that I'll return with A JOB! Praise GOD!


Melody said...

Praise the Lord for his wonderful plan for you.

hutters said...

Every cloud has a silver lining.

I am pleased that you have found a new job so soon and that it has all dropped into place nicely. Good Luck!

Jessica said...

to Graeme/hutters : I have no clue how you come across my blog?? Anyway, nice to be in touch with you while we won't see each other everyday anymore. Wish you all the best too!!
to Sis Melody : AMEN! God is greater than our problem!

Irma Juwita said...

Ci Jes..aku baru baca post yang ini...*terharu* Indeed God is good all the time and All the time God is good =D. Terus jadi berkat! -I-

J.H said...

@Irma : hey, didn't know you are reading my blog!
We all know that God is good, it's written on the bible by various eye witness in the past. Unfortunately for many Christian, including myself, knowing and believing is two very different thing. Thus, God let me go through this to make the knowledge from my head applied to my heart.
I am glad to know this has been a blessing for you. Stay firm in the Lord!