Saturday, 12 January 2008

Another goodbye

It's been awhile since Josiah was ill, he had recovered couple of days ago. Upon meeting his childminder, Sonia, I was struck with a bad news.

She planned to gave up childminding.

It's pretty sad to know someone that's really good with the job (and that applies to Josiah) is leaving. Another thing is she doesn't charge much and very flexible with timing.
However, the reason behind her resignment was pretty clear. She took care of 7 children (3 of them is hers), and her own children normally didn't get enough attention. Well... frankly speaking, I am quite amaze she still cope with 3 kids and still add another 4 without turning insane (I am struggling to cope up with just ONE!). Anyway, I don't really plan to hold her back. First of all because I think she decide to do the right thing, and secondly it may be God's plan to give Josiah a better childminder (not better in ability, but more in location). Currently Josiah has to commute with me an hour one way, and I think it's quite hard for him to keep himself from boredom. Afterall he is just a year old toddler.

Yesterday was Ichiko's last day, she is one of a few good friends I have in office. Well, it may not be (and certainly won't be) our last meeting. However I do miss her, she is quite a jovial personality to keep me with great entertainment in office. I am going to miss her excellent baking experiment too. Not to mention the lunch break music session that she performs from time to time.

Although this week looks a bit "gloomy" but we trusted God has a better plan for us. I am quite certain that God won't ever disappoint us. So stay tune for good news!!

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