Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Josiah's first tracting

You must be thinking, mad... a one year old toddler, goes tracting!!! Haha, yes, crazy enough but there is no age categorised as too young to serve the Lord.
Anyway it was drizzly Sunday last week, but all of us were praying hard that the rain will stop and so we will be able to distribute tracts, listen to street preaching and sing some hymns. And... the rain did stop! Praise the Lord for He is good.

We had a good time and fellowship before lunchtime, and then after me and yusdi decide to go to subway to find a seat whereby we can feed Josiah. Josiah does learn to hand out the tracts (more like holding it and attempt to eat it), I hope he'll get better as the year goes by.

There is a lot happen recently. But I don't think I will blog about it at this point of time. I just pray that God give us strength to always be thankful, after all He is indeed good... not some of the time but ALL the time. I do hope that this can open a chance for unbeliever to kneel to their knees and admit there is God who is much more powerful than us. Life is full of uncertainity, but there is one thing that certain in this life, that Jesus able to give sinner a new hope, a new life.


Rand said...

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Just wanted to say hello after stumbling on your blog. I too am a street preacher. My pastor and I evangelize in our home city of Ottawa, Canada.

It is my custom to blog about the events that occur on our evangelistic efforts (which usually takes place every Friday night). You are most welcome to have a peak over at:

The Lord bless you in your evangelism.



Jessica said...

Hi Rand,
I must say, I love your blog. It's full of nice picture too.
In fact, I just tag it :-)