Wednesday, 9 January 2008

My best friend's wedding

I am so excited.
And I am looking forward to it.
That's right, it's my best friend's wedding!! Unfortunately it would be such a private affair that I can't disclose any time, place or dates. Even though I can't attend her wedding, but I trusted that my mind will always be there. I am so excited, as if it is my own wedding!! So, I'll start blogging about wedding tips in relation to her big day.

It's very hard to explain my feeling. I knew her for about 15 years now, from a high school friend to close friend to soulmate. Yes, that's right, soulmate. We hardly see each other, and distance seems to be always inbetween us. But we always try to keep in touch as much, and try to every single opportunity we have to catch up with each other.
Indeed, God has brought us closer to one another. As the saying says "Godly friends are God's way to take care of us". He had given me a treasure of a lifetime.
I obviously can't name many things that we ever did together because there were way too many of them. She is always be a source of encouragement, a listening ear, a great comforting hand, and a generous helper when it comes to "I need a favour". She is a type of person that can always stay positive (I said that knowing the fact what she and her family had gone through) and lean on God for strength. I believe, God reward every faithful believer, and she is about to receive hers.

She attended my wedding, and that day, she catched my flower bouquet. That time she is still single. But my wish always goes with her, that one day, she'll find her own better half, a man to love and cherish, until death do them apart.

Dedicated to Agustina, my beloved sister in Christ and her other-half, in case both of you are reading. Remember that it's more important to prepare for the things AFTER the wedding than the wedding itself. God bless you both.

A friend loveth at all times,
and a brother is born for adversity.
Proverbs 17:17

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