Saturday, 26 January 2008

Timeless elegance rug

Rug is probably my best bet if you are too lazy to paste on wallpaper to change the room's personality. It's quite easy to paste (just by laying it on the floor) and tadah! your room change to it's new look. But depends on what kind of rug, it can be quite costly and hard to maintain.

So how to choose the right rug?
First, determine your decorating style. Buy magazines and pull out pages that attract you. You will quickly find the kind of design motif you want to recreate. This is your decorating style. Next, understand how the room is going to be used. If it is a high traffic area, find a color that will not show footprints or perhaps choose a patterned rug. If you are starting with an empty room, a rug can be the perfect place to start. Select colors you like and coordinate the fabrics of your furniture, color of the walls or artwork to the rug. If you already have furniture and just want a fresh look, take into consideration the colors and patterns already existing and experiment with fresh combinations. Then, estimate the size of rug you’ll need. For a visual representation, spread bed linens where you would place the rug. Measure the linens, and pick the closest area rug size. Bring any room plans, color swatches and paint chips with you when you shop for your area rug.
As for me, my taste has always been the traditional or aubusson rug (needlepoint) because I believe classic looks last longer and will never be out of date. Many state houses choose deep red or maroon as the main color swatch on the rug, which I think does make the room feels "elegant and rich". But coming to Laura Ashley make me change my point that traditional rug always have to be red or gold. They made me have to admit that playing with pastel or pale color can produce equally stunning traditional rug.

But the upkeeping of rug, especially those with pale colour can be quite challenging. Shoes, pets are the main verdict for stain, and sometimes cleaning it can cause the colour to be wither.
So, how do I clean my rug? Regular vacuuming will help rugs retain their beauty and will extend the life of the rug. For spills, you should immediately blot with a clean cloth; spot clean with a solution of clear dish washing detergent (non-bleach) and water, rinse with water, and blot dry. Professional carpet cleaning is recommended using the hot water extraction method. You should not dry clean your Mohawk Area Rugs and you should not use bleach.
Another type that I like the most is flowery rug, which usually goes well with shabby and chic french room.

Remember that rug durability is generally determined by the material, construction, and amount of traffic in a space. There are no precise guidelines for selecting an area rug size. As you can see from the picture above, sometimes a smaller less complicated looking rug may be a better choice. A good method to determine the right size is to spread bed linens to approximate the size rug you’d like, take measurements, and choose the closest size available. In the dining area, measure the table and provide at least four additional feet to the length and width. By allowing four feet, chair legs will remain on the area rug even when pulled away from the table.

Is an underlay (padding or cushion) necessary? Mohawk strongly encourages the use of an area rug underlay to protect your area rug from abrasion, impact and cleaning. A quality underlay can add years to the life of your area rug while providing additional safety, acoustical benefits and protecting the floor.

What is warp and weft in a rug? Warp is the term used to describe vertical strands of fiber that stretch from the top to the bottom of the rug. Knots are tied to the warp yarns to create face pile. Weft is the horizontal strands of fiber that are woven through the warps. The weft anchors and secures the knots.
All the best in your rug hunt!!
All picture are provided by Horchow.

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