Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The unexpected

Today I talk with one of my ex colleague in Hewllett Packard Singapore.It's always been nice if you managed to get in touch with long lost friend. (Well, not THAT long, but I hardly saw him online in YM until today).

So, I was asking him about my project lead and all of our team mates, how they are doing, are they still in HP singapore, etc.And, lo and behold, I heard... Sacith was married. (Sacith, if you are reading this, LISTEN, I am going to hang you for not telling me... OR inviting me!!!)

Well, you may be wonder, who is Sacith anyway??!!Put it this way, he is one of my ex colleague who was "supposed" to take over my work.So we spent quite a bit of time sitting together reading code.And... he came to my wedding. He was holding his handycam all the time.

Caught in the act

Ramnik, seems like my photographer thinks he is photogenic

Anyway, those were good old days (doesn't mean that my day now worse though). I sometimes dispise how much office politics in my current work place, whereby people talk of how this manager and that manager are sucks, this and that person is so unpleasant. I recall in HP, our team has never did any of those... which may be makes me stay in HP till the very last day I have to leave the country.

Hewlett Packard bunch!
(Satish, Patrick, Ramnik, Jane and Eng hua)

I do miss all of them when seeing this picture, and... nice to talk to you Sridhar, and thanks for the update.If any of my team in HP, I always remember those days where we walk for lunch (indian food today... thai food tomorrow... and indian food the day after...) sitting on teleconference meeting that hardly any word can be understood (they are our taiwanese counterpart), playing table football, and many more sweet memory.

Santosh and his gear

Man in black

Our crazy moments!!
P.S : Thank you guys for making my wedding such a great things to remember

Hope to see you all sometime in the future (hopefully before we turned to grannies and granddad!!).

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