Wednesday, 16 January 2008

USA, here we come!

It's been awhile since me and Yusdi were planning our trip to States. And thank God for this opprtunity to have a conference there, hence Yusdi's ticket and lodging more or less covered. But yes, we have to do a bit of homework before flying of this great journey. After so much research, tons of traveling books and websites, plus considering the distances inbetween the places, we came up with this plan. I'll be leaving on the second weekend after the conference. Anyway, here is what we had planned (if the Lord willing).

San Diego (day 1-3)
The main highlight will be visiting SEAWORLD and obviously church on Sunday. We planned to hunt for old spanish architecture and of course not to miss.... Balboa park.

Los Angeles (day 3-5)
Nothing but shopping and Disneyland!!! Believe it or not, this will be my SECOND visit. I was in Disneyland Anaheim 23 years ago! And another exciting thing is, I am hoping to meet one of my high school buddy for dinner. Can't wait to see her!

Death Valley (day 5-6)
We are looking forward to watch wild flowers spring bloom that normally rampant in Death Valley national park in February.

LAS VEGAS (day 6 to 7)
Well... basically, watching performances, and a rest day before a long drive to grand canyon.

GRAND CANYON (day 7 to 8)
I thought there is many other canyon that looks more stunning than grand canyon. But for the sake of its name (and so that when people ask me have I been to Grand Canyon, I can say "yes") We plan to take photography of sunset and sunrise. Hopefully catching some snow too!

BRYCE CANYON (day 8 to 9)
Such a delicate looking canyon with thousand of hoodoos. I fell in love with the breathtaking scenery when my colleague showed me his business trip picture (which happen to be at Salt Lake City). Anyway, I came to witness it with my own eyes. Again, we planned for sunrise and sunset photograph hunting, and possibly star gazing as well.

Colorado Springs (day 9 to 10)
We purposely plan to pass by this small town of Colorado Springs on weekend. The guide book informed that this is one of area in States where Christian is found in every corner. They distributing bible with daily newspaper for once, and most of bed and breakfast, restaurant, and other businesses quoted bible verses. I thought, sure enough there will be a fundamentalist church to visit on sunday!
Other than that, we planned to dip in their most wellknown tourist attraction. Hot springs. Not indoor, but outdoor. I let this picture give you a thought of what I am expecting to see there.

Alamosa, Great Sand Dunes (day 10 to 11)
Yes, I am going to see the tallest sand dunes in States. They are quite peculiar because of the location (surrounded by rocky mountain) and I believe it will be a once a life time experience for me to see God's mighty works of creation.

Rocky Mountains (day 11 to 12)
When you are in Colorado, a must see national park is the Rocky Mountain NP. It's review rated rather far above the average of any other national park in Colorado (which means "a scenery to die for"). Anyway, I am going to prove how much is it worthed to make an effort being there in winter (with road closure etc).

DENVER (day 12 to 13)
A day of rest from driving, so we'll plan for city walking and window shopping.

San Francisco (day 13 to 15)
We are going to meet my uncle, and his family. Staying over for couple of days. He is going to bring all of us to Yosemite if the weather permitting. Or else it would be Lake Tahoe. Hope I won't miss the Golden Gate!

Los Angeles (day 15)
Get ready for our long flight back to UK.

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