Sunday, 20 January 2008

When sunset doesn't come

It's always be my dream to have a picturesque photograph of sunset for my as part of pre-wedding photo collection. However, I have to realise that it is not all the time (and all the place) possible. For example, looking at England weather this year which mainly decorated with loads of cloudy sky and drizzle all day long. It's just NOT possible to get any lovely colourful sunset sky. Singapore sky has a slightly better chance even though it might not as nice as sunset in places like Bali.

Real sunset in Bali
(taken by Anom Manik Photography, location : seminyak beach)

Here is a useful tips. Ask your photographer to bring a sephia filter. It's looks like a brownish plastic film (not even attached to the camera lens, that day my photographer just held it infront of the camera) that will filter the sky colour into orange yellow tone.

Artificial sunset
(taken by : Ah Soon, Z-wedding D'sign, location : Changi, Singapore)

The result is may not as good as real sunset as shown in my first picture. But that is better than no sunset at all. Mind you that these picture were actually taken at about 5.30, which is about 2 hour before the sunset (in Singapore). So it's not actually sunset time. But... I think better be "yellow" than nothing, don't you think?

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