Friday, 18 January 2008

Who am I going for?

I am not a person who interested in politics too much. But again, US election is on the door step. This what happen if an influential country having an election. Everyone is interested to know WHO will be the next. I am not normally interested even when US having their election, even though numbers of my church friend are American. I treat it as... their "personal" affair (between them and their country). But yesterday, my husband was home from school (FYI, he is a PhD) and was sort of mentioning there is a big fuss in his Physics departement over a man name Huckabee, one of US presidential candidate.
Oh yes, He is a christian man (after studied his background, I learn that he even has Pastoral career in some southren baptist church), and I know many American Christian voting for him, just like what happen with Goerge W. Bush last term.
Well, I think it's all come natural, I, myself is a Christian and wanting a christian president for my country (if Indonesia would ever have one!!!).

But is that right to think that way? Here is my opinion.

Is he an "able" man?
Politics world is cruel and dirty, everyone knows that. It's quite a courage to see a Christian presidential candidate which means that there is a godly man who one day going to turn the political world upside down by imposing godly standart.
But hang on there, non christian doesn't judge how good is a leader by his moral standart, but rather by his ability leading the country.
To illustrate my point, if my company (a software company) looking for a new hire, which one will they judge first? ability and morality? I don't think my company need a christian who doesn't understand C language even though he might be the most hard working, honest, sincere man in the whole company. The same in politics, not ALL (in fact only a few) christian men who is godly will make a good leader. Let's face it, we are not Israel, nor our government is theocratic. There is no way to choose incabable leader and hoping something better come out of him. And remember, we are hiring a man to be a president, not to be a pastor!

Will our choosen leader became a good testimony?
All of the fussing over Mr. Mike Huckabee was because in his speech in Michigan,he advocates amending the Constitution to reflect God's standards. At first thought I thought "that would be brilliant!!" but then after I think more about it, I came to a different prespective.
I came from a muslim country. Being a minority, I know how freak out when election come and there is a candidate from "conservative moslem" party. Because that's would mean... stay, and abide in Syari'ah law... or leave! It's quite unpleasant when you are not muslim but Islamic standart is impose on you, don't you think?!
I would think many non christian in US fearing the same thing. After all, the change is not from OUTSIDE, but from INSIDE. You can't force someone into believing Jesus. If you do, you are only giving Christianity a bad name!
History repeat itself. Christian should recall the day where Catholicism is part of the state, what kind of torturing and war broke everywhere, to the point even leaving England and most europe continent despising Christianity. It is not politician job to impose godly standart, being a good testimony and spreading the gospel, it is our job as a church!

Did you consider or even pray before for who you choose?
I believe many people doesn't think twice of what they choose. In fact, without doing background study or even listening to their rally speech. I know many American already made up their mind long before the rally. The rally speech only to "suggest" those who still undecided.
Believe me, many christian has defaulted their choice to THE Christian candidate. I think what you need to do is to consider closely and pray about it, let God reveal His will.

Will my country survive without a Christian politician?
There is never written in a bible that a country require a godly politician. It would be NICE to have one, but nonetheless our job is to pray for whosoever leading the country whether or not they are christian.
I have to be thankful that I am a fundamentalist that come from Islamic country. I can see things in different prespective. I can testify how God's hand move even through the heart of unsaved men.

Honestly and politics is like Christian become hollywood celeb
It's very hard to please human and God at the same time. I am not against christian who is into politics or wanted to become an actor. Bible never mention those occupation is sinful.
But I can imagine how hard it is to please many people, and... pleasing God at the same time. You bound to lose one or another. Either your fame or your God.
Take example of George W Bush. He (spell as all his cabinet) decide to send US troops to Iraq. Some people agree some oppose. I happen to be one of a handful Christian who oppose the war, simply because my sympathy for Christian minority in Iraq. I can imagine how bad their life before the war, and get worsen because the militants, being unable to harm US directly, turning their heads towards the Christian. When's though to convince your own brother and sister, how can you convince non Christian? But I give him an excuse, "nobody is perfect, so is politician!"

The bottom line : pray hard for Mr Mike Huckabee, so that he will make a good president in God's time.

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