Sunday, 13 January 2008

Yeah, sure enough... we found "her"

Finally, we found Sonia's (Josiah's childminder) replacement. Praise the Lord! What a quick answer to prayer.
Apparently she is living not very far away from our house(about a mile) and she had a little girl 9 days younger than Josiah. Things seems to turn up better than we thought. Josiah's new childminder just shift in to her current house not long ago, so her house looks so nice and new. Strange enough that her husband actually bought their daughter quite a number of boys toys. So Josiah was immediately busied himself with the toys as soon as we stepped in. Another blessing is to know that currently she is not taking care of any children beside her own (she just started) and it's comforting to me to know that Josiah gave indication that he likes being there. It's nice to see him and Isabel, their daughter, played together.
Last but not least, she charge us cheaper than Josiah's current childminder, we really thank God for his provision.

Right, now change the topic...

Today we did our daily walk, this time to Abington park.

I like Josiah's pose on this one!

The weather is pretty bright and crisp but cold. But still we saw a lot of kids playing in the park. But since it's quite muddy, we ended up carrying Josiah all the time.

I like the lens blur effect on the background

I remember the park looks quite different in summer. First with loads of kids around and the flowers blooming at almost every corner of the park. The tree change quite a bit of the landscape when it's become bald as suddenly you able to see beyond what you normally can.


This is CROWDED winter in UK standard

And he is heavy like mad, had not weigh him for awhile but sure enough he is more than 12kg!!!

And then, BIRD WATCHING!!!

Annoying enough, the cage made is terribly hard for me to capture the bird without exposing the railing. I literally have to stuck my camera to the cage to avoid focusing on the trellis instead!
This is Josiah's second time coming to the park for bird watching. Not in the wild though... but in the cage. He seems to watch the pet-dog own by a granny next to us rather than watching the birds -_-.

And back to taking more fun picture!

The sky is on its perfect colour for photograph

My little man so easy to get distracted

He looks very cute in hoodie!

Before heading home, we managed to take some picture of the squirrel. They are amazingly looks quite tame and not afraid of people. I saw a lady and her daughter gave them some nuts and they came pretty close to get the food from her hand.

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