Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Yet, another wedding.... to attend

This will be a short post, an update from another close friend of mine (my ex-high school friend). He is getting married this year too!!! Sure enough I will need loads of fund to travel across the continent to attend this wedding. Well, I am still not so sure whether I can attend, even when I really LOVE to be there!!! I knew him quite a while, back then both of us still single. We used to chat hours on the phone, and I really enjoy drop by his place to chat with his mom and dad (believe it or not, I still do until TODAY!!) I used to tease him for his sport's ability appear to extend as far as playing chess. Can't really imagine that now I know his wife to be, and he knows my husband... and my little Josiah, it does sound weird if I recall those memory. But I am glad, both of us remain a very good friend, a brother/sister in Christ, even when changes happen around our life.
Anyway, he is one of the couple that I've been waiting for to get married. I've been praying that he gets a "suitable" wife, in term of faith and ability to support him as future pastor. I am sure not many are qualified. But God had made all things possible!
Nevertheless.... steve, congratulation. I hope to your other half in person one day!

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