Friday, 29 February 2008


Recently there has been quite a bit of change around here. Straight away back from states, I had to go to my new office on Monday. The people there are really nice, and because the office is quite small I had not smell any office policits yet, fantastic! Right, so finally I am back touching real embedded work. On my second day I was given JTAG, TV set up box and a digital tv. And my first build was ready to be downloaded... hurray!!
The most interesting thing is, on the day I started, the boss asked me whether I wanted to join their German class (FTV is bought by big germany company). I am quite surprised. But yet, I joined them, try desperately to catch up (equipped with my long forgotten vocab) because this is their 5th lesson. Anyway, it was quite fun!
Josiah was with the new childminder on tuesday. I didn't expect him to be quite tearful, but he cried all day long with nothing or no one able to console him. But his tears in not for me. He was so sleepy due to jetlag. Today he seems to be far better.
Yusdi is heading for another conference next month, so this couple of weeks will be busy time for him.
Now that my new job is much closer to home, I am able to live a normal live, wake up and sleep at reasonable hour. Praise the Lord.
I missed Pastor Tooley and our church family quite a bit. Even though all the church in states were big, have nice building, loads of ministry, friendly people... but nothing compare to my own church family.
Anyway, I am off soon... today is FRIDAY!!! And the most important thing is... it is a payday!!!!

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Anonymous said...

We missed you all, too.

Sis. Tammy