Thursday, 14 February 2008

Disneyland Anaheim, world of million dreams!

Today, I just get my internet back in Holiday Inn Grand Canyon. After striving with terrible weather in Las Vegas, we made it to reach Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. I'll try to keep up bloging and thanks for friends and family out there who reading it. God bless!!!

Yes! Anaheim, California. Here we are in DISNEYLAND!!! I just made the same trip 23 years ago, can't believe it that God actually made it possible for me to come back here. Josiah looks very happy, he smiled for me and the camera! Good start!

It's just about to strike 9 before the gate of the park were officially open.

Josiah's very first ride in the park. And probably the best picture I took on the whole visit hahaha!!

I am standing in front of "It's small world after all" ride.

And finally, though the day was hot, we managed to spot Goofy!!! Ahiak...ahiak...ahiak....(In fact we spot quite a number of them, we met Minnie, Chip and Dale, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore and Tiger, but they are surrouded by TONS of kids, so I don't bother to queue).

The GOOFIEST car... indeed!

And on the far end of the park, finally we arrived at TOONS TOWN!

Josiah was practicing his piano lesson inside Goofy's house.

I know you might not spot it right away. But that's me and Josiah in front of Mickey Mouse's House.

It's so PINK!! Yes, this is Minnie's garden, and Yusdi and Josiah posing inside Minnie's house.

Josiah's fave ride, AUTOPIA. Basically riding a fancy car. Eventually the ride is quite popular among men and boys. That's explain.

The Jambalaya band. Eventually Yusdi and Josiah get pretty hooked up with their play.

We met Winnie the Pooh and friend. Okay, I must admit, because the loooong queue just to take picture with Tiger or Eeyore, I just have to be content taking picture with the backdrop

This is all princess shows, well... don't think Josiah is really going to enjoy watching this one

Josiah and me posing with Dumbo. Unfortunately Josiah didn't appreciate the ride very much.

This is the one that we shouldn't miss, the signature of Disneyland, Cinderella Castle!! I figure out that no castle (anywhere, in europe or england) that looks much like this... haha, yes, this castle looks pretty fake. Ever heard like King Henry the VIII stayed in blue pink castle?

Yusdi went for Pirrates of Carribean rides, and meanwhile, both me and Josiah watching the ships. Here is the ships on Little Mermaid, where Ariel get married with prince Eric.

And here is the 6.30 main street parade. It was fantastic, except that it is very difficult to take a picture of it. So I will post the video next time. There are quite a number of disney character like Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Pinnochio, Cinderella, Aurora, Simba, you name it!

And finally, we are heading home now.... taking couple of last shoots before heading to the exit gate.

And lastly, here is the view of the fireworks from our hotel balcony (It was quite cold to stay out until 9.25 in Disneyland, so we decided to go back to our hotel room). It lasted for about 15 minutes, and believe me, it's more beautiful if you see it for yourself!!

Right... now I better prepare for my Bryce Canyon trip. Till later!!!

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