Sunday, 24 February 2008

Home Sweet Home

Finally, we step back in familiar ground at 8pm today. Despite of train interruption (we have to stop at Coventry and continue the journey with courtesy bus) the Lord has been good to take care of us on our family holiday time.
Our vacation in states has been great. The sun was almost always shining, the sky is always blue, the snow... the scenery... however, I am glad that we finally back on our earthly home. (And, thank you for those of you who have been praying for our safety during our stay in strange land).

It does remind me last week when we visited Cornerstone baptist church in Colorado Springs, the pastor was preaching about "sorrow can't follow us home", that's a great encouragement to know, that once we are saved, there will be ONE day, whereby we'll return to our home, in HEAVEN where sorrow and tears can't follow us there!!! And that would be sweeter...(or in fact, sweetest) home I'll ever lived. Home sweetest home.

In closing he told a story of a certain missionary from states to South Africa, named S. Morris. He was serving the lord faithfully in South Africa for 23 years. And then, on his journey back to USA, he and his family happened to on board the same ship as US's president F. Roosevelt whom returning home after his 2 weeks hunting animal in South Africa. Upon the president arrival, the crowd waiting and cheering, raise banners and shouting his name, welcoming the leader of the nation home. Suddenly, the missionary's heart's sadden realising that none the cheers was for him. So he said "Lord, I served you deligently for 23 years, while the president was just returning from his vacation, why there is not even one greet me when I arrived back home?" But the Lord encourage him and answered his prayer "My son, you are not home yet".

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