Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Lake District (Part II)

Apologise for my lateness posting this, I've been busy catching up with housework and Josiah while Yusdi is abroad. Thanks to Mia for coming down to my house and helping me!! And Ichiko, the unagi taste really superb!!!

As I promised, the highlight of my trip in Lake District is probably Rhino's pass. Strange enough I can't find a lot about it in Wikipedia, considering this place has quite a spectacular view. It does reminded me of my trip to New Zealand (minus the blue sky).
I mean see this...

Click on the image to enlarge, my attempt to capture the great view of Rhino's pass

But before you decide coming to Rhino's pass... make sure either you have quite a powerful car engine or don't bring such a heavy ludgage, because... the road is indeed very steep up and down!

We went for a bit of a walk nearby Ambleside, the forest looks kind of weird. Again, it reminded me of West Coast in New Zealand. Start from a lot of mossy type woods with a mix of fern leaves and bald looking tree, to pine woods, and then wet open field (kind of swamp to me).

Tommorow, I will put on some picture from our visit in Ambleside, the Ghyll Force. Cheerios!!

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