Thursday, 14 February 2008

Las Vegas

Here is the main strip road at night. Looking at Las Vegas really remind me of Sodom and Gomora in the Bible. The city promoted adultery, worshipping luxury and fame, and not to mention about gambling and money. No doubt the city is beautiful. With lights and such. I was wondering what kind of "family" holiday place this is. However, we don't think we'll ever come there twice (we make a day stop there bacause it's too crazy to drive from Death Valley down to Grand canyon in a day). Josiah is fast asleep during our quest in Las Vegas, hence only a few picture of him.

I think you can find almost anything in Las Vegas. One store that interest me the most is this puppet and masquarade shop. But remember, they are lovely, but definetely not cheap.

These are taken inside Venice. At about 6pm suddenly the wind went crazy and speeding upto 45mph. Therefore, we decided to head home before accidentally blown away. On the next day, we watched the news and eventually the wind cause the scaffolding on our neighbouring hotel, MGM, to collapse. What a day!

Inside of luxor, our neighouring hotel.

Here is where we stayed, Excalibur.

And at last, this is how our hotel looks at night. And the picture after that is the view from our window.

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