Monday, 11 February 2008

Los Angeles : A Lazy Afternoon

Well said, the title said it all. It was a lazy sunday afternoon after church we drove back from San Diego to LA. We stayed at Menage hotel and I think the facility and the looks is pretty good for 45 pound a night. Josiah was so excited to play in the pool despite the icy cold water (honestly, it was SO cold).

Even though the Jacuzzi was filled with warm water, Josiah still prefer the pool no matter what! You'll soon see his attempt to swim.

This picture was taken at the hotel lobby. Josiah was practising his feet before the big day tomorrow in DisneyLand.

And tadaaaah... here is the bedroom. Complete with another additional sofabed and plasma television, what can I ask for more?

And here... my little guy is messing about the new founded toy (he tried to wipe his drool on the table).

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