Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The missing link

We had a previledge to meet my uncle's family and my long lost cousins, L & M. This blog entry is dedicated to them. Thank you for making our stay such a great time! We'll going to miss you.
(These are high resolution picture, click to enlarge)

Posing in front of one of Alcatraz's ruin

Looks how hansome is my cousin???

This is my first meeting with M. I've seen L once when he was about 1 years old (I think that was the last time I saw my uncle). So this is quite a reunion.

Not only that, my uncle kind enough (perhaps TOO kind) to take day off and brought us around. My uncle and auntie literally SPOILT us, they bring us to all nice place and still treat us nice meals. I know you must be envious reading this entry. Well, lets hope you have an uncle like mine :-)

Finally, Yusdi's last picture. Hope to see om and tante (or perhaps just the kids will be fine) in UK one day, and our turn to show you around.

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