Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Good O Meter

How good are you? and how good is GOOD ENOUGH? Do you think bad and good sort cancel each other out?

Think about this. Take an example of a country where you lived in, for example in UK a person who commit raping will be jailed for at least 10 years, in Singapore stealing from the elderly can bring a person up to 3 times canning and a period in jail, in Indonesia is a crime to smugle drug and you can end up with a death sentence.

The idea is clear, if you commit a crime you must be punished! However human mind are inconsistent. In many religion, let's admit it, how many of them that require a person to do this and that? doing good works? helping the needy? fasting? meditation? even up to torturing their own body to repay the sin.

But when you think about it, does it work? If you tell your government that you will go on a year of fasting after raping a girl? or that you will torture yourself after murdering someone? Do you think the government will agree with you? Most likely they will think that you are completely insane. And this is human standard, how about God's standard?

That's right, you are insane if you think you can buy God's forgiveness with goodworks, being a samaritan, tithing, going to church, baptism, meditating, because the weight of your CRIME is DEATH according to the bible, and nothing you can do than to be executed!

Someone ask me, how can Jesus die in our place then? SIMPLE, all of us had commit a crime in the God's standard. And therefore, we have a date reserved for our execution. I can't be executed on your behalf nor can you took my place to be punished, because we ourselves had commit crime, you and I have our own plate of punishment to come. Therefore Jesus is the only substitution, because he had never commit any crime, and he is NOT suppose to be punished, but with all of His love, he decided to take our place.

It is may not sound fair, therefore it called GRACE!
Christian doing good works, being faithful to church, helping the needy, loving one another is NOT (I repeat is not!) to bribe God of His forgiveness. Rather it's to testify and to be thankful to God of how good He is, for He had die in our place!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for good article. Sad to see so many people trusting in works instead of the Lord.

Jessica said...

pastor, thank you for the video!! Let's spread the good news around