Monday, 11 February 2008

San Diego Seaworld

Well, I don't have much things to say about this entry. It was a quite hot day (a typical of California) and Josiah looked a bit worn because of the heat. We spend quite a bit of time in "indoor" attraction to avoid the heat. Like this one was one of Beluga whale from artic.

And then a group of penguins.

And this one is a walrus (probably female as the male has a quite a big fang)

And of course we are not to miss... Shamu shows!
The show was recently changed at all three SeaWorld parks. The new show, dubbed "Believe", is more spiritual and involves an audience hand signal, an emotional soundtrack, and the giving of a gift to a chosen child to inspire. The new show involves multiple cameras placed around the stadium and clips of video mixed with live audience shots during the presentation and story. It also has more trainers than ever before. The name "Shamu" is actually a stage name shared by many adult orcas, male or female, at SeaWorld. The first Shamu, a female, was captured in Puget Sound in 1965 and died on August 23, 1971.

We've watch another shows at night which called Shamu Rocks, but unfortunately we only managed to took video out of it (will post it later) because the movement and scarce of light make it difficult to capture it on photograph.

Shamu is the name of SeaWorld's iconic Orca (killer whale) show. Shamu's popular performances are presented along with Baby Shamu and Grandbaby Shamu in 7-million-gallon tanks at the following SeaWorld parks:
* SeaWorld Orlando in Florida
* SeaWorld San Diego in California
* SeaWorld San Antonio in San Antonio

A fourth SeaWorld park, SeaWorld Ohio, closed in 2001.
Orcas perform in Shamu Stadium, which seats 5,500. The Shamu show is the most popular show at SeaWorld, running 20 minutes and showing as many as six times a day. The highlight of the performance is the spectacular natural behaviors of orcas and the unique relationships that SeaWorld trainers have with these animals. According to the official SeaWorld website, people sitting in the first 14 rows "must be prepared to get soaked by Shamu", with water that is chilled to 55° F (13° C).
And here... Josiah was waiting for Shamu.

And lucky enough he managed to meet Shamu this close an hour before the performance!

Random picture to follow...

Josiah is brave enough to touch the stingray. I don't know how he actually touched it, as normally he can't be gentle enough to touch just about anything. But he had a lot of fun, and get fishy hands too!

Sea otter and sea lion shows.

And then we're heading home...!! What a tiring but fun day.

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