Thursday, 28 February 2008

A secret place

I called it a secret place. Secluded mountain setting nicely developed native stone soaking pools next to creek. This is a beautifully picturesque hot springs with a colorful history and is one of the most pleasant rural settings in Colorado.
The place had no electricity... and limited number of bathroom... BUT, it's our best memories of visiting USA. I give it a nickname the gem of Rocky Mountains. (You might need a wheel chain or 4x4 to get here... we are so fortunate to survived the scary icy road with only 2 wheel drive). It rated one of the best in USA. And indeed it's true.

This cute looking red indian's style tent acted as changing room.

Just right before the sunset (take a look closely, the pool actually quite crowded at night).

And this is the rustic log cabin where we stayed. It's quite a good price, somewhat like 65 USD per night and this can fit up to 4 person. The price include the admission fee to the pool. There is only light and fireplace in the cabin, no electricity, television, even the toilet is shared with other cabin and we actually need to walk OUTSIDE to get there.
The temperature reaching -11 centigrade at night, so forget about going to the loo outside. I rather stop drinking.

The following 4 pictures were taken from our cabin's window.

The ice melting on our rooftop. Sometimes some of it fell to the ground. It would be quite dangerous if you happen to be down there.

And take a closer look, it's so beautiful! Look at those twinkling light that sparkle through the ice. Yusdi said, that what differ human made things and God creation. If we take closer look on human creation, we found FLAWS. On the other hand, we found a lot of beautiful and amazing things when we take a closer look on HIS creation.

Never mind there is no electricity as long as I can enjoy this view all through the day. (This is the view from cabin's second floor, which is actually our bedroom).

The view in DAY....

and NIGHT....

Yusdi and Josiah ready to swim!
The path towards the pool is quite slippery, I actually fell off once.

And we make the plunge!! The water was quite hot, probably around 50-60 centigrade. They have several pool with different heat, you can even have a private pool with the same charge. If you can spot it, Yusdi was holding Josiah in the pool on this picture.

And this is AFTER the bath. Josiah fell asleep almost instantly. Now, you see... even though this place LOOKS pretty cold, after half an hour of hot soak you can stand with swimsuit outside the pool for about 15 minutes without feeling cold. Believe me, it feels SOOO....GOOOOOD!!!

Both of us feel refreshed after the long journey.

And the best of all... of course, the moonrise! I might be pretty good with GIMP/Photoshop, but this is not edited. You see what you get :-)

So what are you waiting for? All other info and pictures can be found at
Unfortunately, this place doesn't looks as pretty in summer, check out the gallery if you want to know.

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