Saturday, 15 March 2008

Change my face!

Perhaps there always be a time whereby you love certain photograph EXCEPT for the way you look on it. "The scenery is great, but I am look fat on this particular dress", or you took a picture on a wedding dos but your hair looks completely flat, or the dress expose too much flabby arm or no waistline. Believe me, GIMP do wonders!
Even though I don't personally alter my (or anyone else included in my picture) bodyshape or my face on any of my post (if people think I am ugly, so be it!) but I am aware that on some cases people are desperate to omit such defect. For example, it is important for many brides to look great on their wedding picture. So here is a bit of help that I've learn on the net.

Look at this picture, as you can see, I have a wide nose, a long jawline, and thin hair. But look how GIMP do wonders!

On this picture my jawline is shorter, my nose is looks less dominating, and notice MY HAIR had VOLUME! The secret is a tool called IWrap (Filter->Distort->IWrap) in GIMP or an enquivalent of Liqufy in Photoshop. The steps are quite simple, select the area you wanted to edit, and just go to Filter->Distort->IWrap, and then you can start changing your face/body/hair. Here is the video demonstration on how to do it (Yes, I've learned it from singaporean blogger whose famous for this, Xiaxue, thank you for this interesting tutorial!)
Another example, here is my wedding picture.

Areas need to be fixed : jawline, mouth and nose. And after 5 minutes of doing IWrap....

Many people perhaps thought THIS is cheating, because it obviously change the way you look in some extend. But, I have no opposition to anyone who done this (even though as I said, you can rest assure that I didn't touch up any "shape" related stuff on my photoblog). It's just like putting make up or doing plastic surgery.
The rule for IWrap is simple, never overdone it, or you'll turn to someone else!!

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