Thursday, 20 March 2008

A day out at Warwick Castle

I was looking on pile of pictures on my hard-drive and find our long forgotten visit to Warwick castle. The picture dated 27th August 2007 when we visit Mideval Festival at Warwick Castle.
Josiah was probably about 9 month back then, and I just attempting to shave him bald as you can see.
These three man posing at the gate wearing complete armour. Apparently, Josiah was quite keen to have one of the weapon.

They set up numbers of tent, and pretending they were living in mideval villages.

And if you keen of becoming a knight, there is an institute whereby you can pick up some fighting skill. After you've passed the test you can obtain a scroll!!!

Here this man was demonstrating to us how to use mideval weapon to fight.

But the bit I love the most was falconry demonstation. Unfortunately Josiah was fast asleep that time.

Look at my handsome cheek!! Yes, it is going to DROP any second now.

Josiah inside his personal transport, he called it smooby. Sure enough all other kids were so envious to see him riding his own vehicle around the castle.

One of the main feature of the garden is the peacocks, there is literary dozen of them around the park. But be careful, they are quite fierce!

Here is my favorite bit of the garden!

Okay folks... appreciate you adoring my chubby picture. Till later.

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