Saturday, 15 March 2008

Designer Wedding Cake

So I am back to blogging about wedding tips....

Talking about wedding cakes, I had seen loads of wedding cakes from both internet and magazine, especially when I did my own wedding, and later asked by friends who need help looking for ideas. There are the simple ones, the elaborate ones. But honestly, I had never look at something like this before. Truly a designer touch!

Yep this globe is A BIRTHDAY cake!

The creator of this beautiful cakes is Sylvia Weinstock, the Leonardo Da Vinci of Cakes. Sylvia produces more than 500 cakes a year in her Manhattan shop. She uses only the finest ingredients, and she treats all her brides like stars. She couldn't have a cake at her own wedding which was on a shoestring budget, so she takes special pride and delight in creating these cakes for all her brides. Have her create one for you!.

Up to this point you must be wondering, how can you order Sylvia's cake. Unfortunately she doesn't ship worldwide (she is in New York, USA). Oh, did I tell you that Mrs Zeta-Jones is her client??!!

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