Friday, 28 March 2008

Once upon a time

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Who doesn't want to get the best shoot ever when it comes to pre wedding photo? People willing to fork quite a bit when comes to wedding do's. But things slightly different with V2 studio, cheng du, China. From what I've heard they offer a good service plus good value for money. I do think V2 studio own the best pre wedding picture I've ever seen in my life. I think they have great ability to capture the beauty of the scenery plus excellent idea of retouching them, making the picture looks fairytale like.

It seems like V2 studio trademark has been taking picture with emphasis on surrounding scenery(normally trees, mountain, snow and flowers).

Interesting idea of making the sky black so that the contrast of the trees stand out.

Combination of softglow, infrared filter, makes it looks romantic yet simple. I like the idea of wearing red gown and black umbrella, is absolutely stylish!!

Great fish eye effect!!!

I love this oriental picture with lush of yellow rustic touch. It's just so artistic!

I've noticed that the photographer/editor like to makes the background looks dark/black to keep the color of the flowers stand out even more.

Given a second chance, I think I would visit cheng du just for this!

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