Saturday, 29 March 2008

Flower Power

Today we are visiting the park in Northampton (Victoria Park) to catch the early spring bloom. And yes, we bring our new lens with us. This time round, all the picture you'll seen have a real lens blur!! Not editted using GIMP as I did most of the time.
Presenting, field of hope at Victoria Park! Enjoy!!!

And here you'll see loads of Daffodil, or Narcissus.
There are two derivations of the name. One is that of the youth of Greek mythology called Narcissus, who, in at least one of many variations of the tale, became so obsessed with his own reflection as he kneeled and gazed into a pool of water that he fell into the water and drowned. The legend continues that the Narcissus plant first sprang from where he died. The other derivation is that the plant is named after its narcotic properties (narkoa, to numb in Greek).

There are several plurals in common use: "Narcissuses", and "Narcissus". This last is common in American English, and is the form preferred by the American Daffodil Society, but it is very rare in British usage. The American Webster's Third New International Dictionary gives plurals in the order "Narcissus", "Narcissuses", and "Narcissi", but the British Compact Oxford English Dictionary lists just "Narcissi" and "Narcissuses".

The name Daffodil is derived from an earlier "Affodell", a variant of Asphodel. The reason for the introduction of the initial "d" is not known, although a probable source is an etymological merging from the Dutch article "de," as in "De affodil." From at least the sixteenth century "Daffadown Dilly" or "daffadown dilly" has appeared as a playful synonym of the name.

The name jonquil is sometimes used in North America, particularly in the southeastern, but strictly speaking that name belongs only to the rush-leaved Narcissus jonquilla and cultivars derived from it. In the southern United States, narcissus are sometimes referred to as buttercups.

Flowers of the tazetta-group species Narcissus papyraceus are commonly called paperwhites.

Josiah doing some music conducting using flower's stalk.

Apologise for such a lousy picture, as you can probably tell, yusdi took a lot more better picture than me!

Oh well, there is no such things as red daffodils, this is fabricated using GIMP.

Stay tune for more flower power picture!!!


Melody said...

hi, nice pictures taken. wonder how do you put your blog name on the photos?

Jessica said...

Hello sis, so do you use photoshop? It's very easy to do it using GIMP (you can download GIMP for FREE at all you need to do is to click on 'T' logo on GIMP toolbox and start typing straight away!

melody said...

thanks for the information. i do not have photoshop.