Saturday, 15 March 2008

If you thought I have an expensive camera

While it does take a lot money to make an investment buying a super good camera with expensive lens to capture fantastic photograph, sometimes it only take 5 minute to fabricate them using GIMP. Believe me, I am not good at photography nor at editting picture. I am just have enough to live by.
For example here is a trick to make your picture looks like taken with prime lenses.

You can see my "not so good lens" had made everything looks FLAT! No depth at all. But what do you think abou this?
Click to enlarge, you will see a big difference!

All you have to do is to use the "laso tool" or "Free select tool" to select all the things you wanted to make blur. Note that you can do that easily by selecting the object that you want to keep sharp, and using "select"->"invert" to invert your selection. And then simply select "Filter"->"blur"->"gaussian blur". To create more natural lens blur, when you do your selection, make sure that "feather edges" box is thicked, and select value like 50 or above.

And believe it or not the picture above is fabricating false lens blur as well. Sorry to cheat all of you all this while. I forgot to bring my prime lenses to states.
But believe me, 99% of the picture you saw on my website are touched by GIMP in some senses.
Here and here are other picture if you want to see more fake lens blur effect!

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