Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Legendary V2 studio

Sometimes ago, a series of chain mail had made this website called V2 studio utterly famous. Considering the pre wedding photography of V2 mainly based in China, the word of mouth had made almost everyone in south east asia knows about it. No doubt the picture they created is indeed beautiful, beyond words can say. Some people speculate because they use models to promote their website, and model can always looks nice in any picture.
Today, I happen to stumbled upon a couple who is the real client of this studio. Vivian and Kan, taken by Shock Zhang of V2 studio. Their complete album can be found here.

But honestly I am quite surprised to see how the real picture (un-edited) looks like. I would say the picture is nice, but the editing skill is EXCELLENT. I mean what would you say if someone can turn a normal tone of this picture...

to this...

But hang on there, the photoshop/GIMP trick to do it actually wasn't too difficult. But the idea behind it is brilliant. After using blue filter, green filter, and combine the color and overlay it, a bit of soft glow and white balance you can get this.

Not to bad for a 10 minute job!!!
And I believe, if you spend more than 15 minutes playing with it, you might get better result than mine! Checkout the V2 website for more picture, you'll be surprise to see what they can do!!


Parlin said...

amazing...a lot of things that i need to learn for photo editing. Since i only have a pocket digital camera, i dun expect to have such a great picture, but the editing tips are great..

Jessica said...

Yeah, I am quite amazed too... I've learn that they used something called 'overlay' to change to tone of the picture. I'll blog about it sometimes soon. It's very easy but the result is quite surprising.