Tuesday, 11 March 2008

A lesson to learn

I read the following post over Jacob and Grace's blog (my comment further on below).


Oh how God dealt with us over the weekend. As I guess you have probably heard so many times how we have seen God's hand working over here. I have just another dramatic story to share with you...

One of the most important things that we had done was to get rid on our dependency on what we knew existed in our bank account and live on a day to day dependence on him since coming out to Dubai. God was so gracious that that in the short time here He had allowed me to receive a relatively good bonus.

As you probably know that Grace now expecting our second child has a bad back issue. So we decided last week that we needed to get off sleeping our inflatable mattress which we had been sleeping on for almost five months. It seemed logical that the bonus was provided just in time for us to buy the necessary. So on the last day of the Dubai Shopping Festival we rushed down to the Mall of Emirates to buy a mattress, bed and cupboard, doing all these without consulting God in prayer. We were thankful that God provided the funds for us to buy all these thinking that it was His will since we got a good discount on the items. The mattress would be delivered first and the furniture was due to be delivered on the 12 Mar 08.

When the mattress arrived, the air holes at the side fell off. But thankfully we noticed it before the delivery guys drove too far. They came back and swopped a mattress with us saying that we were lucky as someone else had cancelled an order for an identical mattress so they had a spare in the truck. But since the mattress arrived, Grace had not been sleeping well, feeling that somehow the spirit of God's peace was no longer upon us. It was like somehow, something wasn't right with us and God.

But as you all know that we had heard of the story in the financial freedom seminar of the man who wanted a car so badly as it was required for his work that he decided to violate God's principles to get a loan to buy a car. The very next day when he collected the car, his father called him to say that he wanted to give his well maintained old car to him as the father was upgrading to a new model.

Just exactly like that story, God dealt with us yesterday. I received a call from one of a dear colleague of mine, telling me that our boss (both my colleague and big boss are Christians) had to move as his landlord was not renewing his lease and he would be moving to a fully furnished apartment and wanted to pass the bedroom set and living room set to me. Ah! How God dumbfounded me... there and then. We had perceived ourselves to be wise but ended up as fools instead. We had skipped ahead of God a week earlier deciding that we knew best what to do. But God had been preparing something for us and instead we ended up not wisely using His funds.

We rushed down to the furniture store almost immediately after the call to cancel our order. But we could not get a refund only a credit note. So technically, we cancelled the order but could not get our money back. But we just realized that the funds were supposed to be used for getting obstetrician for Grace and the baby but now instead have locked our money into furniture. How foolish we had been!


I read that amazing story, and should say, yes I am guilty of that many times. Especially when I was still in Singapore (Thanks God I am in England!) I've look at my wardrobe, and sometimes I couldn't believe that I ever desire to buy or wear such a skimpy clothes. Just because all Singaporean girls wearing tank tops doesn't mean I have to. There is loads of things that I've bought and just collecting dust in my storeroom, and soon be forgoten. That reflect how often I buy things and not even think to consult God of whether it's wise to buy it. I've been relying on the digit in my bank accout too much for sure!

But, needless to say when I did ask God for his decision. Things really turn up the other way around. We'd been praying for a car once I found my first job in UK 2 years ago. Even though we had a reserve to buy quite a decent car, somehow we feel God wanted us to downgrade our choice to a very small 5 seater car (don't even mention that it is nearly 10 years old now). But this car has been a great blessing for us. If you are familiar to UK, you know having car is like rising a baby, it needs insurance, maintenance, paying tax here and there, and don't forget the fuel up till today is 1 GBP per litre. Our car has been really efficient with the fuel, had never broke down, and we hardly spend a big sum of money to service it. Neat indeed. We had a great time with it, driving all around UK until this very day. Praise God for his great providence.

Another great lesson for me is when we try to buy a house. We'd been renting in Oxford all the while, and we thought it's a bit silly to pay 450 GBP for a room. So we thought of buying a house. Milton Keynes is an ideal area for both me and Yusdi. So, after 2 month in search, we came across a show house at Broughton. It was a beautiful modern apartment and it's just about 1 mile from the coachway. I can commute to cambrige easily, and Yusdi can took a regular bus to Oxford. Perfect. However I was too impatient to wait for God's decision, and thinking I need to reserve a unit before it sold out to someone else.
So I place a reserve of 500 GBP. But lo and behold, our plan were ruin because our mortgage with Natwest was rejected. And in His time He showed me what he had for us, a beautiful victorian apartement, with fancy ceiling rose, a real fireplace, high ceiling, and the size was about twice the apartement we saw in Broughton. Moreover the price was much cheaper, and it comes complete with all the carpets and chandeliers. My suddenly realise that I had done a stupid thing, skipping ahead of my great provider, while He had kept something far better than I thought. How foolish. Not long after we sign the contract, our mortgage get approved almost instantly, with the lower interest than Natwest! I thought it would be a problem for Yusdi to get to Oxford because there is no direct bus from Northampton that time. But again God fail my human thought, because he provide a new bus service, X88 that travels to Oxford, 2 month after we sign the contract. Therefore, I must remind myself, to rely on my great God for He knew just about anything!

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Viola Deo said...

Thank you very much for posting the stories...send my warm regards to Jacob & Grace, their testimony and yours have become a blessing in my life, in this very particular time of decision :D