Saturday, 1 March 2008


We took TONS of picture during our trip in States. If you come to certain beautiful place and you were not sure whether you will ever come there twice, what else will you do than taking loads of picture. Anyway, at first Josiah was quite cooperative, he posed and smiled whenever he knew the camera was aimed on him.
However, on day 13th, all became very different. Look at this!

Daddy : everyone ready?! Say cheese...!!!
Josiah : Hang on, is that an ant on the bench?
Daddy : Josiah, look at daddy Josiah.

Daddy : Josiah, josiah... look at the camera please...
Josiah : Mom, there is pimple on your face.
Daddy : Jooo sssiii aahhhh... hello?

Daddy : Finally...!!!
Daddy : This is why parent need a digicam.
If you are parent or parent-to-be, quick get yourself a 512MB memory stick.
Josiah : Mommy, don't hold me to tight! I can't breathe!

I thought he learned. But 10 minutes later.
Mommy : Josiah look at the camera please!
Josiah : Something flying over the bridge... what is that?

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