Sunday, 30 March 2008

The money thing...

I bet this year will be a though year for many of foreigner in UK. Perhaps not only us, immigrant will feel the pressure of tax increase and pension decrease, but most of brits in general is literary going to sent Mr G. Brown down the drain if he continue on demanding money for his cabinet's budget. First, it's start of with fuel price jetting up about 23 penny per litre eversince I stepped my feet in UK 2 years ago. Now it's already about 1.08 GBP per litre in Northants. Still, Mr Darling, planned to force another 2 pence per litre tax by Oct 2009, he called it "green tax", which means to penalise everyone that is not "green enough". Strange enough... when the fuel price increase, the public transport prices are increasing as well, which means if you concern about spending money for transportation purposes, there is no way you can escape other than moving house next to your office, school, local grocery, church, or perhaps ride on horse or bicycle!! (We are back to Victorian age where it took 3 days to travel between Oxford to Cambridge).
It's just so happen that the mortgage interest is increasing as well while property price is "predicted" going to fall in the next 2years (which strange enough not happening yet). To get a good mortgage interest, somehow you have to fork out about 2% of the lending amount as the booking fee. So, for 100K, you'll have to pay 4000 GBP as the booking fee! So, we truly need God's wisdom in deciding this, or else our house will need to be sold (I even hadn't finished decorating the livingroom yet!)
My house, an old victorian building from 1820.

My half done living room...

And to make things worst, the government CHANGE the immigration rule(AGAIN!!) They said it would make it easier for the more qualified person to get in UK and stay longer term. However, the visa application fee for HSMP/Tier 1 had already increase from 365 GBP per application to 750 GBP!!!
Apart from that government imposing new taxes called "landing fee" to most of airport in UK. That would simply means increase in airfare price.
But I am really glad that my life is not just about paying mortgages, or getting UK's visa, or just to earn money to be able to pay the taxes. My life is more than that... since Jesus came into my heart. Perhaps there is a tons of thing that worries me. But God is indeed faithful, and I've seen it so many times. For it is said

"Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee."

(Hebrew 13:5)

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