Monday, 31 March 2008

Paint your surrounding!

Recently I've been playing a lot with various layer operation. Do you know in GIMP you can add, substract, multiply, divide, overlay, a layer? You might think that all this operation only produce weird looking picture, but hold your thought there. One of the most powerful GIMP layer operation is overlay. I have no clue what it actually does (perhaps you can find out for me), but it capable to enhance the color selectively when the curve tool or adjusting saturation unable to help. Here is some example :
Adjusting histogram curve will make everything looks dark (including skin), and increasing saturation won't make the contrast looks better.


The trick :
Overlay it with black and gold to make the contrast stands out.

Another example : here is a pale looking picture. Look how GIMP can artificially adding color to the scene!

This picture is overlayed with green and black layer. Black to increase the contrast and green to change the overall look. If you think this is "too green" you can always change the opacity of the layer, put something like 40 percent transparency, and it should do the trick!

And here is a sample of a different operation called "grain merge". Here, the original picture is merged with brown layer to make the picture retain old/worn looks.

Last one is demonstrating adding color to leaves and grass. This image is overlayed with blue and brown layer.

Layer operation can be quite powerful. So don't under estimate even if you only have a small digital pocket camera!

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