Wednesday, 26 March 2008

To be happy

Taken from Sis. Melody Blog

An article title "Choose to be happy" in the The Straits Time, Recuit, strike my eyes when I was flipping the newspaper at my office's interaction area this morning.
The article talked about what makes people happy. The writer quoted three areas that make people happy. First is to have a purpose, which means doing something in your life that has meaning for you. Second is to have hope to look forward to, even if your current circumstances are difficult. Last but not least, having someone to love. The writer also wrote that happiness is no accident, it is something we choose.
I agree that happiness is no accident, it is really something we choose what we want. If we choose to be happy we are happy, but if we choose to be sad or angry, then we are what we choose to be. Happy is also something that you need an effort to do it and let it happen and not something you leave it to happen. It will not happen by itself. Every morning before leaving for work, I look at the mirror and told myself that I want and I am going to be happy today, never let any things affect my mode or attitude that I will be sad or angry. This has worked for me and it help me to start the day with the right attitude and happiness. I thank God for another day I can breath, I can see the creation He has created and another chance I can pray to Him again.
The writer mentioned further that "Happy people make a decision to happy in spite of their problems. They concentrate on what they have and not on what is missing. They count their blessings. They take maximum responsibility for their life and for their mistakes. They don't balme others."
I know that there are people who blame others for their unhappy, but I think they failed to realise that it is themselve who fail themselve and not others.

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