Wednesday, 19 March 2008


It's been a busy week at work. Not to mention there is tons of thing to learn for this past few weeks.Yes, this is my 4rth week working at FTV and so far everything went up quite good. The german class probably is the highlight of the week, it's getting funnier as we learn new vocabulary.
Other exciting thing that come up is Hendy coming over again for easter break. Did I mentioned to you how fully booked we are this spring/summer?? This is our visitor list up til June :

1. Hendy, coming this Thursday

2. Abbie, Joe, Daniel and Sarah coming sometime in April

3. Uni friend possibly visiting in early may

4. Yusdi's brother and his in law possibly stop by for a day (June)

5. Jacob, Grace and Elisha (somewhere in June)

And yes, on the 21st June we'll be watching Cbeebies life!! This will be Josiah's first experience watching something in theather. Well, let's hope he stayed amused for a LONG while.


fundamentalistwives said...

I know the feeling. We have company coming over for the day on Friday. Carol and the boys are coming on Saturday (I have to go get her from Leicester) to spend the night for Easter services. Caleb has karate, I have to COOK for the next day. Then, Sunday we have the services and meal. Don't know when I'm going to get the house cleaned up in between visitors, but oh well. No idle hands around here!!! HA! HA!
God bless,
Country Mama

Jessica said...

I hope you survive then!! hehehe...
tiring but fun :-)