Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Car and bubble

I apologise for not blogging this past few days. Me and Yusdi has been really busy with visa application and remortgaging our house. But anyway, here is a little bit of update. Last week we were visiting Victoria Park, and later on the day we actually "planned" to go to Brackley.... using public transport.
But, the plan was soon had to be scrapped, because we misunderstood the bus route and had been waiting on the wrong bus stop! Since the bus came only every 3-4 hour, we decide to forget about the plan and do something else. Hence, we passed by a gift shop, and bought Josiah a 99p worth of big bottle of bubble maker.

Later on the day, we did a bit of shopping in TESCO, where Josiah back to his obession of cars.

Sometimes, it's hard to believed how quick he grow up THAT big!


Mulyadi Oey said...

Jes, I did not know that you have bought a house. Good luck with the re-morgaging; hope everything goes well with it.

Jessica said...

hehehe, gw sick of paying rent mul. Ude elo pindah ke sini aja, rumah lebih murah, income lebi gede hihihihi....