Sunday, 13 April 2008

Gundul (Bald)

Finally, spring came and that means it's time for hair cut. Considering that it was quite difficult to cut Josiah's hair (he can run now whenever he can), we decide to do it once for all, that is, to cut him BALD!

He appear to be quite satisfied with his new hair cut.

Mummy is very proud that Josiah still looks cute on his new hair style.

Back look, see... it's pretty neat!

P.S : Congratulation for Zonny and Alice for their new addition to family, baby Zach!
God bless you all.
Abbie and Joe will be coming in 2 weeks time, and we are going to experience enchanting bluebells wood for the first time in our life! They only last for 3 weeks, so this will be a chance of a lifetime :-)

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