Monday, 26 May 2008

Finally, last piece of the jigsaw

Finally, I bought myself this lovely piece of fitting as the LAST (yes, indeed the last!) piece of furnishing to complete my house. Now I can declare my house is DONE!

This large chandelier has an ornate, plant-like cream and gold coloured frame with a cluster of leaves and crystals. (JohnLewis, Johann 3 arm chandelier) Don't you think it matched so well with theme of my bedroom?

my bed, pascia!

Yep, I think that fit nicely in my french styled bedroom! What do you think?


agustina said...

wahhhh.. beda banget sama kamar tanpa tirai yang gw tidurin dulu, hahahaha.. :p I love it je, the room are sooooo u.. :p

J.H said...

ahauhua, iya gus, next time elo dateng lagi ke sini, dijamin udah beda. Muahahaha!