Sunday, 11 May 2008


Last week, all three of us decided to wear "orange" and wanted to take a picture with it. Unfortunantely, Josiah gets to curious with the tripod and we scrap the plan. But anyway, getting some is better than none.

And there is Josiah with Mr. Carrot. This fluffy toy was my present for Yusdi years ago (believe me, he likes both programming and soft toys!) And now claimed as Josiah sleeping buddies. I reassure you grandparents, both Josiah and Mr. Carrot are still equally FAT in their looks.

Thenafter, we laze around and do a little picnic at Willen Lake.
It's getting warm and sunny here in Britain, we're planning a load more fun journey. So check on us quite often, I am sure we'll always something for you.

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