Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Have you ever tried to plan a trip so that you spend well the small budget yet cover all ever-so-wanted-destination? Have you ever tried to organise a wedding so that nothing went wrong?

There is probably a few times in our lifes whereby we try to plan something seriously. Like for my own wedding day, I did numerous of research before decide what I want or who to engage. I read review from internet before I book my hotel in States, not to mention how travel guide that I read over and over again. We might plan all so well, so detail, exhausting all possibility. But often times, we forget the "main essence" of all decision. That is to involve God.

Learn the lesson from me and don't reap the consequences for our "poor plan". Oh yes, it might sound perfect when you first come out with it, but not anymore when something struck and it went horribly wrong. There are probably hundreds of poor plan that I've made, resulting me spending more money, more time, extra effort, not to express how do I feel so angry and disappointed. But let me tell you the recipe of a perfect plan, which is possible to achive without too much research, or reading stack of books, or spending much time asking in forum or surfing the net. Simple, ask God's help to show you HIS plan.

A perfect plan : Now, my in law just recently married. Prior to this, I often times had conversation with her asking about what kind of perfect honeymoon she'll dream on. She said she'd loved to go to US and visit DisneyLand! Well, I've been wanting the same thing too. But having Josiah and household need won't even tempt me to go. But Lo and Behold! My husband was sent to conference in LA. Now, how slim is a chance for you to be sent to the exact place that you want to go? I should say, pretty slim! But there we were, enjoying ourselves in US Disneyland LA, and have half of the airfaires paid! To make things even more perfect, continue reading to find out. Well, at the end my in law decide to spend their honeymoon in Europe. Believe it or not, I had never stepped Europe despite about its stone throw distance. Moreover I have more financial things to worry about this year. But, 3 days before the submission deadline, my husband's supervisor suddenly wanted him to join a conference in Berlin this September! Struck twice for conference is pretty rare, yet it happens. Some people probably did the math and wonder how can I have more than 25 days holiday in a year?? Remember, that I was made redundant whereby my last pay day is 29 Feb'08 but I don't have to come to office since mid January, get a job in early February 08 (starting right after I return back from US on 24th Feb). So in theory, this year I have 25+14 days holiday, all paid!

I don't plan my holiday. God plans it for me (plus He provide the FUND!!)
Anyone who jealous of my holiday should try my recipe. It works!


agustina said...

Indeed je.. =) gw juga ga pernah mikir or even dream bakalan ke US.. but His plan is not my plan, and I managed to go to US, just paying the ticket, hehehehehhe..
He is indeed a powerful God.. :D

J.H said...

Haha, inget elo juga dikirim ke sini gus. Padahal kita baru ngobrol2 about how slim our chances to meet again! Bayangkan, being sent to the exact place you want to be? God knows every wish of our heart. Noting is impossible for our GREAT God!!!

melody said...

uhey, i am jealous of the many holidays you have : ) Just kidding. I will try your method.

J.H said...

hello sis,
Well at least there is 2 witness of trying this recipe. Me and Agustina... hahaha!
The bottom line :
I want to make everyone jealous and eventually try the recipe. *Joking*... *giggle*
Btw, I am not sure yet about going to Germany, because my company seems to do very well now, and if they won couple more tender I'll be VERY BUSY in Sept (and bonus in Dec!!! Yipee!! Must work harder). But I leave it all in the Lord's hand, I don't care whether I can go or not, I believe The Lord more than able to send me to Europe again next time!