Sunday, 15 June 2008

Coton Manor

I am really sorry for not be able to blog as often as I should. There is a lot of things going on recently. We'd been quite busy in church (just have our 3rd year church anniversary today, thank God!). And tonight our pastor will be off to Germany for 10 days. And my company doing so well that I had been overloaded with work! Which is a good thing!
**Finally for the FIRST time, I actually join a company that MAKES money!
This week, we met Aileen, Julia, Henry and Zach... our dear bretheren from Heritage Baptist Church in Singapore. Picture and story will be uploaded sometimes this week.

So this is Coton Manor. We went there couple of weeks ago (while the weather permitting).

Coton is a hamlet in the English county of Northamptonshire.
It is located between Guilsborough and Ravensthorpe. Coton is in the civil parish of the latter which, in turn is part of Daventry district. Coton Manor is a popular visitor attraction for its gardens and bluebell woods (in may).

So on this entry you'll see, loads of flowers...

Such as this....

And this....

The water appear like crystal under the sun. Really pretty!

And more flowers...
This peaceful ten acre garden occupies a hillside position extending down from the 17th century manor house, constructed of mellow Northamptonshire stone. Landscaped on different levels, it comprises a series of distinctive smaller gardens, providing variety and interest throughout the season, and enhanced by flowing streams, fountains and ponds. Beyond the confines of the garden, there is a magical five acre bluebell wood and a colourful wildflower meadow at its best in June & July. As well as enjoying the garden, many visitors will want to explore the extensive nursery, take light lunches or teas from the Stableyard Café, or visit the garden shop. Garden courses complete the range of activities available at Coton.

And, a bit of wildlife.... or should say, domesticated life!

This is me posing in front of some strange looking flowers.

And believe it or not, the park actually have flamingos!! I wonder how it survive on British weather?!

**Yawwwnn....** Need to go to sleep now... till later!

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